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WOF Radio > Sermons > Sermon Archive for 2011 > Sermon 556: "If Your Brother Sins Against You..." : 23rd Week of Ordinary Time
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    Sermon 556: "If Your Brother Sins Against You..." : 23rd Week of Ordinary Time

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    Catholics are always called to confront sin, even the sins of those closest to them. But they should never spread gossip about other's sins. Rather, they should go directly to the person who is sinning and try to get them on the right path. The Catholic way of handling problems is by always doing as much to directly fix the problem instead of announcing the problem to the world before fixing it.
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8/31/2011 2:29:34 AM
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Thanks for this wonderful sermon.

I do wonder what one must do in relation to hurtful family members who make no move to improve - must a Christian remain in contact with them even as further injury is inflicted?


9/1/2011 2:13:15 AM
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When negative emotion is at the heart of what I am trying to correct I dig deeper. If my friends can not help me discern it I go deeper still. I 'put out into the deep' and let my nets out for a catch. I am not afraid.
9/1/2011 2:21:38 AM
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Ken Wood
Very insightful homily, It opened a few doors for me.
9/1/2011 11:32:25 AM
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Magistra Bona
We often hear from the pulpit an exhortation that 'guilts' us into forgiveness of the wrongs we suffer. But some wrongs do not touch ourselves alone. If they are not stopped and confronted, they can harm others. Also, no one is obligated to suffer injustice against their will. If you have had the time, the recollection, and the clarity to judge your situation as one in which you can offer up the suffering to Christ, for your sake and for the world, well, hats off to you!! But most suffering comes upon us unbidden and unprepared for. When we have a choice, we can follow the road of discretion. When discretion becomes another word for condoning or enabling, we become accomplices in evil. Our Church is reeling from the cost of failure to call out the sinner--publicly. When a sin touches the whole community, the community must publicly expose it and condemn it. But, what is a sin against a community? Is the discomfort or hurt I feel in a private matter really something to expose publicly? There are some sins that are not to be borne even if they happen in the privacy of families or friendships. For example, violence toward women or children. If someone is violent towards a woman or a child, the violence probably doesn't stop in the family. Theft. If someone robs his/her own family, they're probably taking something from the till at work too. How about racism? The Christian community should not tolerate racism. But it's there. If an institution participates in injustice and discrimination against the teaching of the Church, it must be called out. We must never collude in our own or another's oppression. Christ told us not to "cast our pearls before swine". Talking about it might appear to the offender as 'gossiping'. But not talking about it could be collusion in communal sin. Some structures are so corrupt that they can only be neutralized or stopped by the embarrassing or public announcement of sins. Some individuals are so entrenched in their evil, that only a public embarrassment can straighten them up. Christ called the Pharisees "whited sepulchers". He did so publicly. That's got to bite. If the sinner repents and makes restitution, then the rebuke has served its purpose. Nothing more to discuss. But no other person has the right to tell another what suffering to endure. Sometimes the only way to fix a problem is to get it out in the open.
9/1/2011 2:44:46 PM
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I think this calls one to stay in constant conversation with God. An active belief in the providence of God.

Ultimately, It is so much easier to live in Truth. I mean, you don’t have to “remember what you said, or behave/ act in a certain way.” That’s just complicated. If one really believes God is always with you… you just are. Silence is an option and, it speaks. It’s that freedom thing... not always comfortable; however, there is peace within it, knowing God is in control.

The movie talked about last week (great movie!) but, I had to watch it 3 times to understand what was happening . I’m one of those people who always asks questions during the movie. (ugh) Seemed like there was a lot of that political stuff going on. I just don’t get it, plain as that. If I did, I’d probably keep my mouth shut more often… or more carefully plan my words? But, my brain doesn’t work that way… or, I hope, more so, it’s God.

Thomas walked the path. Sometimes silence is more effective, especially in those difficult situations. I think, it promotes for contemplation – for everybody. And, yes, it does involve a suffering - but, for the ultimate human life in God, there is fulfillment in it– I have experienced seeing our Lord’s defense… more than once. That’s probably why I am afraid. And No, I’m not perfect, making effort to search for Love in those difficult situations; not always remembering to ask what would be pleasing to God. And, I must add, I have learned many painful lessons.

The Way, His Way, provides for growth in humility and charity. A deep and direct confrontation of one’s self. This, I believe, is much more difficult than direct confrontation with the other. However, it is the Way one becomes more open to the a spiritual following of this order of Truth bringing one closer to walking in a pleasing way to God, here and now.

Mighty different from this world’s way.
9/1/2011 8:21:44 PM
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Joseph Royan
Dear Barron, You don't know how special your reflections have been for me. I have been sharing your profound reflections on the Gospel to a lot of people. I sincerely appreciate the wonderful work you are doing to spread God's Word so generously. May the Good Lord Inspire everyday and bless your good work abundantly. God bless you.
9/2/2011 2:52:58 PM
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Gary Ney
Thank you Father. Divine Revealation is what I needed here. I have read the passage of Matt:18,15-20 many times, but, until your sermon did I fully understand what Jesus was teaching.
9/3/2011 9:23:11 PM
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" other person has the right to tell another what suffering to endure."

Magistra Bona, you have with this comment, summed up one of the big problems within our Church today. And I gather it has been so for quite some time.

...woe to you, hypocrites, who place heavy burdens on others...

We seem to be continuing in the way of the "hypocrites". Those chapters in St. Matthew's Gospel are perhaps more appropriate than ever. God bless.
9/4/2011 9:46:21 AM
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Al Eriksen
9/4/2011 8:19:07 PM
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Edgar Diaz
As always, Fr. Barron is quite incisive. I hope and pray more and more people are exposed to his 'Word on Fire' ministry.
9/5/2011 8:13:03 PM
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Dear Fr. Barron! You are truly an instrument of God. May you always be inspired so that I can also be inspired by you. Thanks a million Fr.!
9/6/2011 4:46:42 PM
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