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    Fr. Barron comments on the Genealogy of Jesus

michael jaffray king
The encouraging genealogy of Jesus from Matthew's Gospel's 1st Chapter

I have just listened to this together with my daughter.. I was hearing it for the third time.. To really get the gist and richness from these reflections, I have to listen and then re listen to them over and over.. She who is not famous for listening to anything Catholic or religious, commented.."That's nice!!"
Well I think it is quite a bit more than nice..It really was one of the most encouraging broadcasts and is truly a Classic.
It needs to be passed on to all the people we know..
What seems at first, a boring genealogy turns out to be one of the most heartening and uplifting passages of all the New Testament.
I know that on my birthday, I sometimes have to give gifts rather than receive them, well, here is a gift from the Birthday Hero Jesus to all of us.
Our gift to Him could be that we take this reflection right into our hearts and start sharing it with everyone we know.... Over the Internet and those whom we will meet in the future.
Love is not really Love until it is given away!!!!
12/23/2010 1:59:01 AM
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Miguel Oliveira Panão
Dear Fr. Barron,
EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT video. It gave me a all new perspective on the genealogy of Jesus and I think it is a great contribution for helping us live this festivity of God-with-us with new eyes and a renewed heart. Thanks for this wonderful meditation.
12/23/2010 5:17:36 AM
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Juan Carlos
This comment is absolutetly superb. Thank you Fr. Baron and Merry Christmas to you too.
12/23/2010 8:41:35 AM
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Kell Brigan
Oy! No wonder Mary was worried about running out of wine at one of the weddings. They needed to mellow out the relatives! ; )

What a great look at a usually overlooked subject.

Merry Christmas WOF!
12/23/2010 3:19:11 PM
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Father Barron terrifically explains Jesus's genealogy into the past. I wonder how this might be presented into the future and eternity.
For the past ten years, ever since visiting Ellis Island, my family underwent genealogical research, using bits and scraps of information from family histories, photos and facts about names, birthplaces, and areas of residences. The internet, census and archives enabled us to trace and find ancestors to piece together a family mosaic going back into the 18th century.
There always been a fond affection for my great-grandmother who came to America in 1913 from Austria-Hungary-Slovenia. Through her, my grandmother, mother inherited the Catholic faith from the old country. There was a special place in the heart for the immigration narrative, especially around the time in 1986 when the Statue of Liberty was refurbished. I still remember my great-grandmother, who died in 1981. I was confirmed in the Church in 1984.
There was a vague awareness due to my surname on my father's side of family that his ancestors, grandfather and great grandfather came to America around 1900 from the United Kingdom. My father's mother had Swedish parents, who came to America around 1897.
The most suprising research discovery was my mother's father side of the family, the most American, who had a mixture of German, Scot-Irish and English roots. Nobody ever knew that two ancestors died and were wounded in the Civil War. The ancestor who died, his body never returned home, and it lays in an unknownand unmarked grave in Virginia after the Peninsular Campaign of 1862. Another ancestor was supposedly with George Washington during the crossing of the Delaware on Christmas Eve.
Such genealogical knowledge, traceable to England, Sweden and Slovenia, goes along with the historical awareness that many of these ancestors came to the North continent at a time after the Reformation and religious wars in Europe. Thats at least 200 years of Protestant traditionalism, brought over to the New World when the Old World was regarded with contempt and suspicion. To me, these ancestors lived by the Biblical book in Methodism, Presbyterianism and Lutheranism, developing habits of thought and practices ingrained in the heart for years.
I have to wonder how much of the so called flesh became habituated when aloof and distant of the fullness of the faith in the Spirit. And, that by time when my grandmother married my grandfather in the 1940s, and my mother married my father in the 1960s, what would be that Incarnational theology of the Word becoming flesh through the Church into such marriages and familial roots.
12/23/2010 4:06:58 PM
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Jesus' ancestors? What are you talking about? I understand Joseph was only the foster father. Can we still acknowledge Joseph's ancestors to be Jesus'? Please enlighten my ignorance.
12/24/2010 12:25:34 PM
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Merry CHRISTmas my brothers and sisters in Christ!
12/24/2010 2:24:19 PM
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I believe there is strong emphasis in Judaism on the mother's family also and her genealogy.
12/25/2010 9:59:24 PM
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God is so gentle,kind & merciful. He never forces us but invites us to receive Him. 'Lord, I am not worthy to receive You but only say the word and I shall be healed.'
12/28/2010 2:29:36 AM
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As always Fr. your gift of explanation always rings true! May God continue to Bless your Ministry! Peace Be With You!
12/29/2010 2:51:47 PM
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I think that Mary and Joseph were both of the House of David and both are descendants of the same line...thus they would have the same genealogy.. they were probably very distantly related through this line.
1/2/2011 4:02:58 PM
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Celia D'Souza
Fr.Barron, I have faithfully watched your sermons over the years.,Thanks, for all your soul-searching insights, lifting us to great heights inspite of our unworthiness. May your ministry be blessed over the years. Thanks once again
1/3/2011 7:57:05 AM
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I enjoyed this talk this am on the Word On Fire TV program. Thanks Fr. Barron. On Recardo's post he asked what the heck you where talking about - Jesus's ancestors?, as St. Joseph was a foster father.
I have no problem seeing His ancestors according to the flesh as The Messiah was predicted through this blood line in the O.T. The Word became "flesh". The scriptures tell us Jesus was like "us" in all ways EXCEPT sin.
His according to His human ancestry proves His Jewishness and His place as the promised Messiah. His virgin births proves His Divine origin. Shalom all
1/9/2011 10:14:19 AM
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