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Written Word > Articles & Commentaries > February 2012 > The HHS Mandate: Anti-Catholic and Un-American
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judeen harthun
we need to back up a little.. our country is a result of the problem... it is our churchs we need to forcus... the scriptures plainly tell us we get the pres. we diserve.. scriptures also tell us to start with our preists.. then men.. alot of our preist do not beleive in spiritual things... "those things just dont happen , " how can a preist lead people to God is they do not beleive in the power of God.. - people leave the church seeking other things.. our men think serving God at the alter is for children... so are you really amazed at our country? scripture tells of the steps to have a great strong nation... and good pres. repent, beleive , live our faith.. and all things will fall into place
3/15/2012 9:50:40 AM
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Chris Cloutier
It is sad, but over the years since VaticanII, and maybe before that, the Catholic church has made it's bed with the liberal, secularist Democratic party, thinking that its liberal social policies were in alignment with Church teachings and philosophy. Church leaders could not have been more wrong. Now that unholy alliance is coming back to bite the Church in the posterior. Government of any type is force. Taking from one group to give to another, more favored group, is force also-theft would be a more accurate term. Charity should occur at the local/personal level and not at the national gov't level. There is no constitutional authority for massive gov't social engineering. Now the secularist democrats will attempt to drive the Church out of the public arena with a vengeance heretofore unwitnessed in our national history. It's been going on for some time as we have stood by and acquiesced. It is time for our Church leaders to speak strongly and I am glad that the bishops are taking a strong stand on the HHS mandate. Father Barron is absolutely correct when he stated that the secularist states primary enemy is the Catholic church. Should we then be surprised at the way they are treating the Church now? Remember, socialism always leads to tyranny eventually as freedom and individual rights are slowly and incrementally eroded.The teachings of the Church are more closely aligned with the US constitution as envisioned by the founders than with the modern secularist democrat. I hope all Catholics will vote accordingly this November.
3/18/2012 7:43:04 PM
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Generally, one can argue that socialism and its proponents became attractive to many because democracy was seen to advantage the elite. What followed was an increase in disenchantment. Those affected latch onto an ideology that purports to be on their side. If the Republicans were more Christian in their outlook to humanity, perhaps there would not have been such a desire for many to bed the Democrats erroneously. One President goes to war despite advice from Bl. JPII against it and the other throws more condoms and abortion options at home and the 3rd world.
The world is bankrupt both monetarily and spiritually. The stage is set for battle. There are no good politicians who can fix this! Only the people can and for that there needs to be conversion of hearts and minds. Are the Bishops too late? Has the sleeping giant (Catholic church) woken up in time? Healing this indifferent, sick, heartless, cruel, moronic culture that we live in is going to take a miracle.
3/28/2012 6:34:25 AM
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tony mangini
The solution is fairly simple. Don't opinionate but meditate
We are in need of PRAYER for the conversion of hearts.
"Ad Mojorem Dei Gloriam"
3/29/2012 9:47:34 AM
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John Dixon
I think it is past time for the Bishops to call out politicians who claim to be Catholic.

It saddens me that the Church allows so many political leaders to ignore their Catholic faith for political gain and welcome them home on Sunday.
4/24/2012 7:59:06 PM
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Tony Ke*****y
Great Article.
4/25/2012 8:31:27 AM
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I'm sorry you've chosen to bear false witness against this administration. It is not the federal government's job to bow to you. If your health insurance plans refuse to provide an acceptable level of care then you shouldn't be in the business. The federal government refused to give the mormon church tax exempt status unless it stopped discriminating against black people. It's a shame it doesn't revoke yours for discriminating against women.
5/29/2012 8:12:50 PM
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Fr. Barron,
You said that President Obama "publicly and vociferously pledged that he would provide for a conscience clause for those who wanted to opt out of a policy they find objectionable." But that is not what he said. If one reads the text of his speech at Notre Dame, he says, "Let's honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion and draft a sensible conscience clause..." Are you saying that by his words, "Let's honor the conscience...", that he is VOCIFEROUSLY PLEDGING! If so, that seems like quite a misleading stretch of connotation. If I am correct in identifying this part of his speech that you were referring to, then it distresses me intensely. It tells me that I need to take what you say with a grain of salt when we (the faithful) so need to be able to trust that what our religious leaders say is truthful, not prejudiciously misleading. I would love to find out how I have misjudged what you were saying that the President said. I want to be able to believe you without fact checking. Feel free to correct me if appropriate.
11/3/2012 12:50:51 PM
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