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Written Word > Articles & Commentaries > May 2010 > The Dangerous Silliness of "Agora"
Current rating: 4.6 (14 ratings)
Robert Morron
True that, *****. Spread the word of God with righteousness!
5/14/2010 1:33:07 AM
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Robert Morron
True that, *****. Spread the word of God with righteousness!
5/14/2010 1:33:40 AM
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"My very real fear is that the meanness, half-truths, and outright slanders in such books as Christopher Hitchens’s God is Not Great and Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion have begun to work their way into the popular culture. "

I think this is not just a 'fear' anymore but a sad truth.

Although Hitchens and Dawkins spoke and wrote nonsense, we seen now the rotten fruits they have procuced.

Also, if I am not mistaken, Cyril of Alexandria was an admired of Hypatia as the philosopher she was.
5/16/2010 9:21:56 PM
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Thanks for this review!
5/19/2010 6:01:49 AM
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Perhaps someone can make a quick edit to this post. The Enlightenment historian in question is Edward Gibbon not Edward Gibbons.
5/19/2010 12:59:17 PM
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P.S. In my previous post, I made a mistake in recounting my ventures in commenting on Franco's regime. I wasn't called a Communist--rather, I was accused of relying on and parroting Communists.
5/20/2010 11:08:08 AM
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Please excuse me. What happened to my previous post? It was a longer post in which I credited Father Barron for acknowledging the crimes of some Christians, talked about how Spaniards have logically reacted to Franco's National Catholicism, and noted how the film's director seems to promote the eliminationism that liberals rightly decry. Did something go wrong with the posting?
5/20/2010 6:29:29 PM
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I saw this film last September when it was screened for the first time at the Toronto International Film Festival. I had read a little about the film before seeing it, and I had great reservations sitting down amongst all of the other festival patrons. I knew how this screening was going to end.

Alejandro Amenabar gave a little speech before the film started. He said that this film was not a film that meant to demonize religion (at which point I wanted to stand up and say to him, "You mean Christianity, but I don't know how you are saying that with a straight face!" He said that this was a film about courage and the eternal search for truth. I could only roll my eyes because I really DID know what was coming.

And I was not disappointed.

My concern with films like this is that the directors and producers seem not to understand that the majority of movie-goers today take movies based on historical events and personages to be actual factual history lessons. I am a college professor, and I am constantly reading and hearing comments by students that are formed by "facts" that they pick up in films. It is disheartening and frightening. And the same thing happened after this film. The lights went up and the comments from the audience were:

"Can you believe that actually happened?"

"It is sad to think of so great a woman being destroyed by a bunch of religious maniacs."

"Christians ruined the world."

Amenabar told the audience that the film was about courage and the eternal search for truth that must never be quelled. It was frightening and disheartening that he actually believed his own words.
5/24/2010 1:29:28 PM
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Let me see if I can reconstruct my post.

I want to start by thanking Father Barron for acknowledging that some Christians have promoted brutality in the name of truth. Elizabeth Lev's review seemed to completely sweep such realities under the rug, dismissing them as "alleged" and "stereotypes". Such dismissal strike me as irresponsible.

I'd also like to offer a suggestion that Fransisco Franco's regime did much to repulse many Spaniards from the Mother Church. It's no secret that he constantly boasted of promoting the Catholic Faith while acting very much like the dictator he was. Firing Squads and Mass graves were involved. I've tried to point out those facts and draw the common-sense conclusion on other Catholic cites, only to be accused of parroting Communists. I originally mistakenly typed that I was accused of being a Communist.

Finally, the imagery that Barron describes does seem eliminationist--smacking of the eliminationism that liberal bloggers have rightly denounced. For all the good work that David Neiwert has done in raising the issue of eliminationism, I know that he, as a liberal, won't get around to addressing anti-Catholic eliminationism.
5/29/2010 7:55:44 AM
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Kevin Landry
This critique is "helpful" somewhat but it is time to put a lot more energy and funding behind lay Catholic writers and producers who can make a difference, too shall we? It's time to be a lot less "wise as serpents" in telling people how bad other's are in their productions and become "harmless as doves" in the form of productions we make without of course remaining so fruitless as we do in the way of encouraging and supporting the talented lay writer and producer!!!
6/8/2010 7:14:02 AM
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Father Barron has ever been very fair and just when making comments about the fact that some Christians in different periods of history have committed some really horrible acts. This is the attitude most mature Christians should take.

Although I'm not really surprised that this movie he's reviewing took this "Christian bashing" attitude. It's the way of 90% of the movies out there that deal with religious themes, unfortunately.
6/18/2010 2:55:15 PM
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thank goodness someone with a brain who understands truth and striving for the higher ideal is out there to rebut the idiocy from the majority of movie makers, news reporters and the politicians. thanks also for striving for the higher ideal and using the talents God gave to you to assist us on the 'narrow path'.
6/19/2010 5:35:12 PM
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michael jaffray king
I want to say Thank you God for raising up Father B to be able to respond to the lies of the enemies of the Truth. "The Splendour of Truth!" I like that name from EWTN!
We are bound to have enemies who will write lies as there is a very real enemy in Satan the deceiver.
Back to my favourite verse of scripture. Some of you must be getting tired of hearing this one, then maybe not. Saint Matthew Ch16 verse 18 And I say to you: That you are Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
The Richard Dawkins and the Christopher Hitchens of this world will soon be gone. Their beam of darkness will soon be wiped out but Jesus and His Church which He is Building and maintaining down the centuries. Mother Church will stand firm in spite of attacks from without and from those sad ones from within.
The gates of Hell are no match for Catholicism. God is raising up His modern day Elijahs and Elishas and 21st century saints. We have nothing to fear. We should pray though and never give up praying for those strongly deluded people our enemies like those mentioned above and in Father B's post.
God bless you Father B and He is and he will continue to do so. We must all pray for you that you keep up the good fight right till your very end. I am sure you will!
7/11/2010 11:35:45 AM
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Enemies of truth? That would be religion.

That movie is historical with regard to the main themes. The director did make some "assumptions" that were minor. You can read Dr. Richard Carrier's critique of the movie.
10/7/2010 1:25:18 PM
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childrens bible lessons
You definitely have done your research and know what exactly to get and from where? I would have found the first story believable because all said and done there was a lot of religious persecution of the learned especially scientists who were believed to be the ones who were working against religion. But I think you have given some substantial evidence which disproves what is written in the Gibbs book. I hope that there are other such misconceptions cleared with evidence!
2/1/2011 11:07:05 PM
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